How to Apply your Graphics

Correct installation is very important to ensure you get the best results from our product.


you need to prepare the plastics/surfaces to allow your graphics to adhere properly and strongly.

Remove any old graphics/stickers from the plastics/surfaces.

Applying heat (You may use heat gun or hair dryer) to old graphics/stickers can soften the adhesive and make the removal process easier. 

All surfaces, especially brand new plastics (which come out of the factory with a wax coat), need to be cleaned using something alike isopropyl alcohol, Brake Cleaner, or a Wax & Grease Remover before new graphics are applied.

Allow them to air dry before graphics installation.


There are different graphic installation methods, which are commonly used, and they all are okay.

However, We do not recommend using water or soap on the graphics to ease application, as this is not good for the adhesive, and will likely decrease the durability and life of your new kit.

It is very important to make the application at room temperature.

You can start with the part which you think is the easiest one.

First find out which piece is for which plastic part. If you have difficulties matching the stickers with plastic parts please contact us. 

We pride ourselves on our premium customer service.

Lay the piece onto the plastic, and have a look at how it all lines up, before you actually apply it.

If you are happy with the linings and position of the sticker to the plastic part then please fix the sticker to the plastic by small paper tapes.

Then lift a small portion of the part you want to start and You can then tear off a small section of the backing paper first, and stick it down, whilst ensuring the full decal is still aligned on the plastic as desired. 

Press it down firmly on the exposed section from the back to the front using the squeegee comes with your sticker kit 

and then proceed to remove more of the backing paper, and repeat the process across the graphic.

When installing around sharp edges or curves heating the sticker can help you a lot.

It is good to have a hair dryer or heat gun on hand when installing the graphics.

The material becomes soft when warmed up, which can make easier on curves and sharp edges. 

Please make sure you do not overheat the sticker, take your time and apply heat step by step to find your desired heat level.

If you leave air bubble, peel of the sticker till the air bubble gently and re-apply pressure to stick.

Once your whole kit has been applied as desired, it is important to then go over the whole kit, warming it up with your hair dryer/heat gun, and pressing down on all surfaces and any lifting edges if any.

This will ‘activate’ the glue, and help it adhere strongly to its new surface. You may need to repeat this once or twice a day for the few days following install, as you may find some corners/edges 

re-lift as they cool down.


It is important not to wash your bike for few days after application.

Please apply/install the graphics within 6 months of purchase.

Please watch our application video.

If you prefer a professional application, We have application services in Istanbul / Turkiye and Alkmaar / Netherlands.

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